A lavender field is a rare sight where I come from. So when you find one, you take as many photos as you can, and usually keep the place as secret as you can. You don’t want other pesky tourists crowding the background of your perfect photographs, right? 🙂

rahau.ro photography woman portrait beauty lifestyle lensbaby lavender field

This time, I didn’t really look for the location but rather it “found” me. Obviously I had to ask Diana to reprise our autumn drone shot, and this is what came out. There were some challenges in shooting this and while the editing was not as tricky as the other shot, the general setup and the (literally) field layout required some careful planning. I really did not envy Diana for laying among the lavender bushes — these things are really tangly and pointy, and are usually buzzing with bees and other bugs. Yes, they all look and smell nice, but don’t feel very welcoming up close. Speaking of “up”, they also don’t look *that* bushy and purple from above — rather green than purple actually — so some editing is needed.

rahau.ro photography woman portrait beauty lifestyle lavender field basket

Of course we couldn’t pass the opportunity to shoot some classic field portraits. I feel we were rewarded for the trouble described above, as the side view of these fields are truly impressive and worth every effort.

Some shots made with Lensbaby.

© Tiberiu Rahau, 2019