Purple Dream
March 12, 2020

A lavender field is a rare sight where I come from. So when you find one, you take as many photos as you can, and usually keep the place as secret as you can. You don't want other pesky tourists crowding the background of your perfect photographs, right? 🙂 This time, I didn't really look for the location but rather it "found" me. Obviously I had to ask Diana to reprise our autumn drone shot, and this is what came out. There were some challenge...

On Top of Bucharest
December 9, 2019

If you know me, you probably know that I like taking photos of people doing whatever they're passionate about. Or maybe shooting with them in an environment that brings out an important part of their personality. But some people are too damn artsy to be linked to a single idea... Catalina and I have been planning to do a shoot for a long while, but I could never settle on a concept. In the middle of this brainstorming the idea of a white dress c...

Day's End
November 8, 2019

This one was about that comforting, moody, self-sufficient feeling you get at the end of a long day when you just don't care anymore. You get home, kick off your shoes and switch to your lazy t-shirt... A bath would be very comfy right now so you fill the tub with warm water... You light one up because it helps you relax even more... You can't wait for the tub to fill so you jump in, makeup and lazy t-shirt still on... The sunglasses...

August 10, 2019

A while ago I approached Diana with the idea that we should do a photoshoot with some leaves. As is often the case, the original idea needed some adjustments, and then one thing lead to another and what resulted in the end had very little to do with the idea that started it all. I am a firm believer of that theory that says it's good to have a plan, but it's better to be able to adapt it when the real-world conditions change. And that is what we d...

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