Why Choose Me?

Natural Light

I prefer working with natural light as often as possible. If that is not possible, I can always use flashes creatively. If needed I can always bring two powerful studio lights.

Customer Satisfaction

My main selection criterion is making photographs that I can be proud of. My top priority is that you, the customer, are happy with my work. Therefore I will work closely with you to make sure I understand your needs and that I can deliver work that we can both be proud of.

Tailored Approach

Your experience with me will not be a classic meet-shoot-develop business. I will want to know about you, to understand what you wish, and will do my best to attain it. We will say ‘hello’ as strangers and will say ‘goodbye’ as partners. Or maybe even as friends.

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Latest News

Purple Dream
March 12, 2020

A lavender field is a rare sight where I come from. So when you find one, you take as many photos as you can, and usually keep the place as secret as you can. You don't want other pesky touris...

On Top of Bucharest
December 9, 2019

If you know me, you probably know that I like taking photos of people doing whatever they're passionate about. Or maybe shooting with them in an environment that brings out an important part o...

Day's End
November 8, 2019

This one was about that comforting, moody, self-sufficient feeling you get at the end of a long day when you just don't care anymore. You get home, kick off your shoes and switch to your la...

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