I am Tiberiu,
I love taking pictures.

I love playing with light. Light and angles bring out the beauty in all of us. It just takes a keen eye to see it and push the button.

I do not want to call myself a photgrapher. Being a photographer takes a lot of education, patience, trial and error, classes or certifications. I do have friends who are photographers. Good ones. They did all that, therefore when looking up to them I cannot call myself ‘a photographer’. I am just a guy with a day job and some photo education but with a keen interest in photography.

However, I have been lucky enough to get a hold of a camera from an early age and it’s been a constant in my life ever since. I really started putting my mind to it quite late (around 2013) and decided I could make a living out of this. I’ve always liked talking with people, getting to know them, which is why I love to portray them in my shots with what I call ‘as much “you” as possible’. I want the genuine ‘you’ to shine through my vision. After all, a photograph is about the subject, and I intend to portray it as truly as I can. This goes for individual shots as well as for my event photos, where I try to get the genuine, natural vibe of the people I photograph.

Perfection…? Sure, that’s a nice thing to aim for, but each of us has such a different version of it. An honest portrayal of beauty — that’s what I always go for.

Photo © Tatiana Volontir

My Skills


This is a large part of what I do. People are naturally curious and ask for my assistance in getting their picture taken.


Another large part of what I do is corporate events, launch events, and social gatherings.


Some people prefer not being in the spotlight, but close to it. These are people who ask me for a rather subtle photoshoot, or maybe some street-style fashion shots.


Product photography is a small but growing part of what I do. Fair prices and studio quality are my main selling points here.

Why Choose Me?

Natural Light

I prefer working with natural light as often as possible. If that is not possible, I can always use flashes creatively. If needed I can always bring two powerful studio lights.

Personal Skills

I will always bring my vision to our photographs, but my main priority will always be showing you as true as possible, and according to your indications and wishes.

The Right Equipment

I always choose to travel with as little equipment as necessary; however, I always use the right tools that enable me to carry the job for you.

Customer Satisfaction

My main selection criterion is making photographs that I can be proud of. My top priority is that you, the customer, are happy with my work. Therefore I will work closely with you to make sure I understand your needs and that I can deliver work that we can both be proud of. Most of my clients discover me after being referred to by previous or current clients, therefore I take it seriously to keeping the quality level for which you have hired me. I want you to know what to expect of me.

Tailored Approach

Your experience with me will not be a classic meet-shoot-develop business. I will want to know about you, to understand what you wish, and will do my best to attain it. We will say ‘hello’ as strangers and will say ‘goodbye’ as partners. Or maybe even as friends.

Open Honesty

I will only take up a project if I am certain that I understand it and that I am capable of delivering it. If I do not fully trust the concept or your idea, or if I simply feel we don’t vibe, I will respectfully decline and possibly recommend a photographer that might suit your needs better. After all, there’s enough space for everybody. ♥

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